Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Minor Project

So i know i haven't posted anything on here for a while but been busy with the holidays and so on, so while i was free doing nothing i thought i would upload some images from pieces of my final collection and my work bay for my minor project... Below is a small photograph of the research up in my work bay...

And again below are a couple of images from my final collection of work displayed in my bay...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

London and Matthew Williamson Night

Last night I was in London after winning VIP tickets to an exclusive fashion show and evening with Matthew Williamson and Cosmopolitan magazine. I loved every second of it, there was an amazing performance from the cast of Chicago, style workshops with GMTV's stylist Mark Heyes and I also got to have a chat with Matthew Williamson himself. He has been such an inspiration for my work this year as part of my minor project and last night I got to talk about his collections with him, it was a great oppurtunity.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fred Butler

I just thought I would add some fab images from a collection by Fred Butler, after reading an interview with her for WUW magazine her work has also inspired me to try new things with my minor project...

Military Glam

For my minor project I will be taking inspiration from the military after I got some great photographs of my grandad in his army days. Also with this I want to add a more glam-ROCK feel to my imagery to give it another twist. 
So on Sunday I went to Eden Camp to get more research for my project, I wasn't really expecting too much from it to be honest but once we got there I was surprised to see that there were lots of things I could photograph to incorporate into my project. So here's a few images that I managed to get while I was there...

Monday, 28 September 2009

First Blog

Well i thought i'd write my first blog!
I am going to use this blog as part of my course in textiles and surface design to document my progress and work in my third and final year at CCAD. At the moment it's nothing special (as you can see) but i will be uploading photos of my work as-well as things that i find inspirational very soon :)