Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bombay Duck

Today I wanted to write about another fabulous company I have stumbled across lately whilst I was away at the Lake District and they are Bombay Duck!! It was while I was in a quirky little shop there that I noticed THE most fabulous door knobs on display and since then I have lusted for them ever since! I checked out there website when I got home and they have an amazing collection of door knobs, gifts and accessories for the home and also fashion based too!! So check them out at www.bombayduck.com if you like what you see!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Always look on The Bright Side

Firstly i have to write about my new favourite company in the whole world (and who I am slightly obsessed with and mildly addicted too) The Bright Side. 

Created by the talented Rachel Bright, who also writes and illustrates children's books, is a collection of gorgeous-ness through old block printing with a quirky edge. There is everything from happy homeables including tea pots and towels to stationery delights, with great greeting cards for every occasion. I am a huge fan of The Bright Side as I love playing with different type myself and mixing block printing and adding foils and placing it onto an array of gifts and everyday essentials brings it to life again and the quirky little messages on each are so funny. I hope you like this as much as I do!!

Hello World...(again)

Helloooo again!!
I have been away for quite sometime keeping myself, well to myself and concentrating on working full time WAY too much and not doing what I love which is designing and making things. I will admit I was so lost when I left college but now is the time I got it back together and started to do something worth while with my textiles and surface design degree. So I hope you like the new and improved blog space as I will be filling it with lots of my little creations and things that inspire me along the way!!!! Much Love.